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John Boland

Aristeion Prize for Translation

(...) The prestigious 1997 Aristeion Prize for Translation has just been awarded to Dublin-based Hans-Christian Oeser for his German version of Patrick McCabe's The Butcher Boy.

      The prize is given annually to a translator for "an outstanding translation of a significant work of contemporary European literature", and Oeser's translation was praised by the judges for "the fluency, inventiveness and accuracy of its description of the world-view of a severely disturbed youth".

      Born in Wiesbaden in 1950, Hans-Christian Oeser has lived in Ireland since the early 1980s, teaching German language and literature at Dublin's Goethe Institute, and translating such writers as Brendan Behan, Peig Sayers, Bernard MacLaverty, Jennifer Johnston, John McGahern and John Montague. (...)

(Irish Tmes, 25. Oktober 1997)

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