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Richard Harding Davis: Gallegher der Laufbursche und andere Stories (“Gallegher, and Other Stories”). Aus dem amerikanischen Englisch von Hans-Christian Oeser. Mit einem Nachwort von Bernd Fischer. Berlin: Edition A B Fischer, 2022.



Brand new translation into the German language of a tremendous succussful story book by the American author Richard Harding Davis, a journalist and author of wildly popular short stories in New York who also became famous as a war correspondent during World War I. His book „Gallegher and other stories“ appeared first in 1891 and became a bestseller between short times. The title story features a newspaper boy who is able to solve a murder. All stories of the book connect good entertainment with a great social approach, featuring poor street children, and daily criminal affairs in the United States of America around 1900, mixed with deep emphasis for the poor and a good part of humor – a real rediscovery!
The translator from the American English, Hans-Christian Oeser, is a well known professional who got popular for his translations mainly of Irish literature and his own writing about the literary world of Ireland and Great Britain.


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